“I’m not here to explain any cosmic mystery through my works” is the first comment of Marco. ”My aim is to transmit emotions, sensations. My interest is in seeing what people catch in my works and very rarely I feel the same emotions or interpretations but this, instead of disappointing me, enriches me of different points of view.

Everything can be absorbed and interpreted in a personal way and this is one of the interesting sides of the human being. The freedom of thinking, comprehension and tolerance are more and more becoming important to me.

Creating my paints/sculptures or “wall sculptures”, as I like to call them, I get released from the constrictions of every day’s life; I can express myself, my concerns and my joys of that specific moment of my life. I fell free to transfer to my works (even if in a subconscious way) my feelings without the help of any world. I can free my mind and my body in a way that rarely I can reach in every day’s routine.”

Marco Garello was born in Genoa in 1960 and since 1987 resides in Alba. He had a lot of chances to travel in his life and therefore to see and meet the most different people and places, from the Far East to the West.

By absorbing all these sensations, situations, scents, languages made him start his artistic carrier in 1998. These influences are clearly noticeable in his works:
“I’m always puzzled between ethnic and technologic; in the first I can find my roots, in the second my future”

His works, in fact are ranging from ethnic atmospheres/colors to metal in his most abstract forms.
“You can always find a third dimension in my works. Even the most simple are enriched by their emerging from the canvas or the support base creating lights and shadows changing from the perspective of the viewer, exactly like emotions”
The material used by Marco are sheets of depron, iron wire, acrylics, resins and whatever he might fit his creations.

“Open or suspended spaces, but tied by thin wire, reflect my own personality: open, contorted but, at the end, connected by a sound ‘thread’ in a structure that is strong and fragile at the same time”.
The fragility of his works is a peculiarity that Marco Garello will never give up.

Luca Rejnero, designer